Dr Kevin Lee’s Tips for Staying Healthy in 2017

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Dr Kevin Lee shared his tips for staying healthy in 2017 to Lianhe Zaobao readers. Check out the English summary below!

Dr Lee started cycling around five years ago. He loves doing a variety of sports, ranging from sailing to running. However, he had to give up running due to the injuries sustained. The many patients with sports injuries who had to undergo surgery reminded him of the importance to look after his own “bones” well.

Staying Healthy with Cycling

Staying Healthy with Cycling

“Cycling benefits the overall health. Not only is it easier on the joints, it also helps strengthen the body’s muscles and cardiovascular health. I started to like cycling more and more, and eventually begun investing a lot more time in it,” says Dr Lee.

He cycles at least three times a week for his exercise plans in staying healthy. During weekdays, he spends around 1-2 hours cycling 40-60 km. And over the weekends, he would cycle for 4-5 hours to cover 100-120 km.

Leisure Cycling In Singapore

Dr Lee is currently the Vice President of the Singapore Cycling Federation Leisure Cycling committee. He finds Singapore to be one of those countries with the most complete infrastructure for cycling. The roads in Singapore are fairly smoothly and the park connectors are excellent.

The Singapore Cycling Federation organises a quarter-yearly cycling event for families to come out for exercising and bonding together. Dr Lee and his wife, along with their baby boy and girl, are always one of the participants in the event.

He also regularly participates in charity cycling events, such as Bike Aid Singapore’s Ride for Rations since 2014. Ride for Rations is an annual event that brings around 150 cyclists to cycle 250km from Malacca to Singapore and raise funds for needy families in Singapore.

Eating & Drinking Well Key to Staying Healthy

Dr Lee only drinks water and Chinese tea instead of sweet beverages and ice cream. In the morning, his breakfast comprises of protein-based avocado milkshake. For lunch, he chooses less oily food when he eats out. After work, he would go back for a healthier home-cooked dinner.

Staying Healthy in the 40s

After reaching the age of 40, a person’s body metabolism would start slowing. It is important that he/she continues to exercise to strengthen cardiovascular health. Dr Lee also recommends doing some amount of weight bearing exercises to strengthen muscle tissues.

Dr Lee’s Advice to Staying Healthy in 2017

If you have not been exercising, start 2017 with a 10-minute walk. Walk outside now and find that reason to get back in good health!

Read the original Zaobao article in Chinese.


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