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Injured Knee Joint

An Injured Knee is Like an Empty Coconut Husk

During his talk at the Lianhe Zaobao LOHAS Health Seminar, Dr Kevin Lee gave the analogy of an empty coconut husk to help the audience understand the significance and impact of an injured knee joint. "Like an opened and empty coconut husk, the structure of the injured knee joint is incomplete and affects one's movement," Dr Kevin shared to the 600 audience present at the seminar. He also showed the audience a video footage of knee arthroscopy procedure. Dr Kevin Lee has also given many international talks as an invited speaker in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia and Vietnam. Contact us for his next health seminar.

Causes of Knee Pain and Its Treatment

Dr Kevin Lee was interviewed by Lianhe Zaobao prior to his talk at the LOHAS Seminar on October 11 2014. In the interview, he talked about some of the causes of knee pain (in particular, sports injuries) and its treatment.

At the lower limb, the knee is the joint that bear the most weight and stress. The knee's ability to withstand stress declines with age. It can be easily injured with aging and strenuous sports. For the latter, there are two main types of knee sports injury: acute trauma or impact injury; chronic wear and tear.

Sports Injuries

Prevention of such sports injuries is better than cure and Dr Lee believes that there are a few ways to prevent or slow down the onset of knee pain problems. The most important of all is to maintain a healthy weight. Obesity can greatly increase the stress on our kneecap. Individuals already with knee pain problems should avoid sports, such as marathon, football and badminton, that greatly stresses the knee joint. They should instead go for sports, such as swimming and cycling, that are helpful in maintaining joint health.

Knee Pain Treatment

Surgery is not the only treatment for knee pain and injuries. In many cases, knee inflammation or injuries can be treated non-surgically through treatment like physiotherapy, shockwave therapy and medication.