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Rock Climbing and Repetitive Strain Injury

With rock climbing becoming increasily popular, Dr Kevin Lee provides some advice for the newcomers and regulars in an interview with The Straits Times, Mind Your Body on 18 June.

Rock climbing injuries most commonly occurs from overuse and strain. These injuries are known as overuse or repetitive strain injury. They can be caused by frequent, repetitive movements (and stress) of a joint during rock climbing, which hurts the body's ability to regenerate itself. As such, Dr Lee advises that "if you experience pain in a particular area every time you perform a particular action or move, then it is time to back off and stop doing that particular action... so that the area has a chance to heal."

To be free from repetitive strain injury, always try to pace yourself, use proper techniques and avoid frequent overexerting!


Charity Cycling Event: Prudential Charity Ride 2015

Dr Kevin Lee & clinic manager Edmond participated in the Prudential Charity Ride 2015 last Sunday. This charity cycling event helps to set up a study corner at the Chai Chee Sunlove Neighbourhood Link to provide a conducive study environment for underprivileged children. A warm thank you to the wonderful volunteers and support crew who worked so hard to make the Prudential Charity Ride 2015 happen!

Prudential Charity Ride 2015