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Dr Kevin’s Recording Session for Channel 8’s Body SOS (小毛病大问题) Programme on Osteoarthritis

'Tough to do the recording wearing a mask at all times except during the actual filming." That kinda sums up Dr Kevin Lee's experience on his recent recording session for Channel 8’s Body SOS (小毛病大问题) programme. If you want to know what causes osteoarthritis, watch out for the programme to be aired on Channel 8 TV. Dr Lee will be discussing the symptoms, risk factors, and treatment of osteoarthritis. Stay tuned! Dr Kevin Lee talking about what causes osteoarthritis on Channel 8’s Body SOS (小毛病大问题) programme

Dr Kevin Lee is an orthopaedic surgeon specialising in treating sports injuries of the lower limb, cartilage repair techniques, and hip and knee replacements.

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