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Everything you need to know about bunions – Dr Tay Guan Tzu

Dr Tay Guan Tzu was on Mediacorp LOVE 972 FM radio channel sharing his medical expertise on the topic of Bunions. (Hallux Valgus) During the program, he responsed to frequently asked questions about the causes and treatment of bunions with straight answers and insightful advice.

The following are the pressing questions that he delved into:

  1. Is there any merit to the widely held perception that wearing high-heel shoes is the leading cause of this condition?
  2. When is treatment required and what are the treatment options available and most beneficial to those who have the condition?
  3. Is surgery a necessity?

Watch Dr Tay's session on LOVE 972 FM below for his answers:

Dr Tay Guan Tzu on LOVE 97,2 FM talking about bunion causes and treatment

Bunion Treatment Singapore. Dr Tay Guan Tzu on LOVE 972 FM

About Dr Tay Guan Tzu

Dr Tay Guan Tzu is a senior consultant orthopaedic surgeon whose subspecialty interests are in paediatric orthopaedics, adult and paediatric foot and ankle surgery, as well as deformity correction of the lower limb.

Seeking medical advice for your foot or ankle condition? Consult Dr Tay Guan Tzu at +65 6734 0378 for a comprehensive assessment and suitable treatment plan today!