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Orthopaedic injuries in children – Dr Tay Guan Tzu on ONE FM91.3

Dr Tay Guan Tzu talks about orthopaedic injuries in children.

Orthopaedic injuries in children can be a common occurrence, especially during physical activities and sports. Do you know how these injuries can be prevented and when to seek medical attention?

Dr Tay Guan Tzu was invited to talk about Orthopaedic injuries in children on Good Morning Doctor, #TheBIGShow ONE FM91.3. 26 Oct 2022. He shared insights on the common injuries in children and also discussed the associated treatments.

If you want to learn more, be sure to watch Dr Tay's session here.

About Dr Tay Guan Tzu

Dr Tay Guan Tzu is a senior consultant orthopaedic surgeon whose subspecialty interests are in paediatric orthopaedics, adult and paediatric foot and ankle surgery, as well as deformity correction of the lower limb.

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