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When Knee Pain Leads to Replacement Surgery – Dr Alvin Tan

Living with chronic knee pain can have a significant impact on your daily activities. If conservative measures like medication and physical therapy no longer provide relief, knee replacement surgery might be a viable option.

Dr Alvin Tan, our orthopaedic surgeon at Mount Alvernia Hospital, sheds light on this procedure, including:

When to consider knee replacement?

Persistent pain impacting daily activities, like walking, climbing stairs, or squatting, is a significant indicator. Age isn't a barrier, though younger patients might require special considerations.

Types of procedures

Total knee replacement addresses all three knee compartments, while partial replacements target specific areas. The choice depends on the severity of arthritis and individual factors.

Post-surgery care

Wound care, pain management, medication, and rehabilitation exercises are crucial for optimal recovery.

Learn more about knee pain and replacement options as Dr Alvin Tan shares his medical expertise in the following article.

Dr Alvin Tan sharing insights on knee Replacement surgery and when is it right for you?

About Dr Alvin Tan

Dr Alvin Tan Chin Kwong is a fellowship-trained and accredited consultant orthopaedic surgeon with an interest in partial, total, revision, and robotic hip and knee replacements.

His key areas of expertise include:

  • Minimally invasive hip and knee replacement.
  • Computer-aided and robotic surgery.
  • Enhanced recovery.

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