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Raising awareness of the ‘forgotten cancer’ – Sarcoma

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Sarcoma Cancer Awareness

Emma Oldager, 16, was only nine when she was first diagnosed with cancer and told her left leg would be amputated. Photo Credit: Najeer Yusof/ TODAY

The story of an amazing teenager who swam 400 laps to raise awareness about Sarcoma!

Sarcoma is an aggressive form of bone cancer that usually presents in teenagers as bone pain. The symptoms can be vague and might be dismissed as growing pains.

If your teen complains of bone and joint pain especially at night and at rest, do take it more seriously and have an ORTHOPAEDIC SPECIALIST to check it out.

Read more about Emma Oldager’s challenges with Sarcoma Cancer.

Dr Andy Wee providing pro bono medical care in PHNOM PENH

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pro bono medical care dr andy wee

We, at the Pinnacle Orthopaedic Group, believe the biggest reward and joy of being in the medical profession is not the financial remuneration that comes along with it, but the simple ability to utilise our skill set and make a difference to our patients.

Dr Andy Wee is currently up at the Children’s Surgical Centre in Phnom Penh offering his pro-bono expertise in shoulder and elbow surgery to treat the less fortunate with complex neglected fractures and dislocations around the shoulder and elbow.

Learn more about DR ANDY WEE and his work.

Pro Bono Medical Care Dr Andy Wee 1

Pro Bono Medical Care Dr Andy Wee 2

Pro Bono Medical Care Dr Andy Wee 3

Dr Victor Seah shared information on osteoporosis on Channel 8 TV health programme, Body SOS, 小毛病大问题.

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What Is Osteoporosis?

Dr Victor Seah was invited to the Channel 8‘s iconic health programme, Body SOS, 小毛病大问题 to share his medical expertise on Osteoporosis.

He had a great time filming for the 30-minute programme with the friendly and fun-loving hosts although the entire session took more than 5 hours to complete.

Stay tuned for the scheduled broadcast date!

Consult DR VICTOR SEAH for issues related to Osteoporosis.



Dr Andy Wee Sharing Surgical Strategies on Shoulder and Elbow Injuries at the Chulalongkorn hospital

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surgical strategies to address shoulder and elbow injuries

Dr Andy Wee was at the Chulalongkorn hospital in Bangkok, talking about the latest surgical strategies to address shoulder and elbow injuries.

He was sharing his expertise at the Depuy Synthes Total Upper Limb Trauma Solutions event which was conducted over the weekend, 15 to 16 Sep 2018.

Shoulder and Elbow injuries are common amongst sports like cycling as a result of falls, but also occur in the elderly as a result of minor falls due to osteoporosis.

Learn more about our SHOULDER and ELBOW TREATMENTS.

Get in touch with DR ANDY WEE.

Depuy Synthes Total Upper Limb Trauma Solutions event

Chulalongkorn University Hospital of Bangkok

Chulalongkorn University Hospital of Bangkok



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