Reconstructive Surgery For Thoracolumbar Spine Deformity

The thoracolumbar curve is a curve with its apex at the first lumbar (lower back) or twelfth thoracic curve (middle back). Sometimes, your thoracolumbar spinal injury may not have been treated in a timely fashion, and this may lead to significant spine deformity, usually leading to a “crooked” spine or kyphotic spine. In our neighbouring countries, the spinal deformity can also be due to tuberculosis of the spine causing destruction and collapse of the vertebrae of the back, leading to a “crooked” or kyphotic spine. The consequences of the deformity may be back pain, ache, as well as various complaints secondary to spinal cord compression e.g. extremity weakness, numbness, and tingling. Sometimes, the control of the bladder and bowel may be an issue.

spine deformity surgery
Figure 1

Reconstructive surgery for the spine deformity can be a challenge (Figure 1). The reconstructive surgery can either be performed from the back, front or both approaches. If it is both approaches, they can either be done on the same day or staged (i.e. done at 2 different timings about 5 to 7 days apart).

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