Spinal Tumors and Infections

Surgical Excision And Reconstruction for Spinal Tumors and Infections

Spinal Tumor
Figure 1

Surgical excision of the damaged spine is crucial to remove the pressure on the spinal cord and nerves, as well as reduce the disease, load or burden to relieve back pain. At the same time, reconstruction of the spine with titanium screws and rods acts to stabilize the affected segment of the spine (Figure 1).

The surgery can either be performed from the back, front, or both approaches. If it is both approaches, they can either be done on the same day or staged (i.e. done at two different timings about 5 to 7 days apart).

Nowadays, we have the capability to perform the stabilization in a minimally invasive way. Our specialist at Singapore Pinnacle Orthopaedic Group is a renowned spine surgeon with much experience performing these procedures safely and successfully.  Contact us for a comprehensive consultation.

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