(Redo) Revision Replacement Hip Surgery

Revision hip replacements  (redo) are technically challenging surgeries with high risks of complications. These surgeries should only be performed by surgeons who sub-specialise in hip and knee replacements. There are many reasons whythe original hip replacement failed and require a second operation. If the failure occurs early, the usual causes include infection and instability (dislocation). If the failure occurs late, the usual cause is wearing out of the plastic liner of the hip replacement.

Here is an example of one of the cases referred to Dr Kevin Lee for revision replacement hip surgery.

Hip Surgery Replacement
Before Revision Right Hip Replacement
(patient had an infection that was first treated elsewhere)
Hip Surgery Replacement
After Revision Hip Replacement

In difficult cases like these, the potential complication rates are higher.  Special techniques and implants are required to tackle the intra-operative challenges that face us. An example of a special material that Dr Kevin Lee uses frequently in his revision hip surgeries would be tantalum, a special porous metal.

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