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As the bilingual Medical Director at Pinnacle Spine Scoliosis Centre, Adj A/Prof Hee Hwan Tak is frequently interviewed by the Singapore and foreign media for his expert professional views on many orthopaedic and back pain issues.

Here are some of the featured articles in publications of different languages.

  1. Lianhe Wanbao Pg 17. 6 April 2015 
    Article in Lianhe Wanbao Chinese Health Monthly showcasing the increasing number of middle aged adults having back pain and spinal problems.
  2. Lianhe Wanbao Pg 8. 1 February 2012
    Article in Lianhe Wanbao Chinese newspaper highlighting the issue facing our schoolchildren, i.e. too heavy schoolbags leading to increased probability of back pain.
  3. ZaoBao NOW Pg 3. 15 September 2011
    Article in LHZB Chinese describing the normal structure and function of the spine. Common disorders of the spine in the adults and children were highlighted. The role of minimally invasive spine surgery nucleoplasty to reduce the disc pressure was also brought up.
  4. ZaoBao NOW Pg 3. 17 November 2011
    In this Chinese ZB article, scoliosis in the pediatric age group was mentioned. The importance of having a good back posture was highlighted. Advances in diagnosis, prognostication, and treatment were touched upon. The role of DNA testing in a saliva sample is currently undergoing clinical tests to validate its efficacy in assessing the chances of scoliosis progression.
  5. Lianhe Wanbao Pg 6. 27 December 2011
    In this Chinese article, a case illustration of the experience of a boy who developed scoliosis since 8 years of age, who eventually underwent corrective scoliosis surgery 11 years later.
  6. Backpain isn’t just a matter of muscle.
    This article in Bahasa Indonesia briefly summarizes the various causes of back pain, and it dispels the notion that muscle aches are the main source of back pain.
  7. I weekly. Is your Back Straight.
    This article in the Chinese newspaper featured information on the various types of scoliosis, as well as the treatment available, including back bracing and surgeries.
  8. Lianhe Wanbao Heavy Schoolbags and A Child’s Spine.
    The Chinese newspaper brought up the issue of heavy schoolbags in school children leading to 15% increase in reported back pain. Suggestions to reduce the weight of the bags were also reiterated.
  9. Lianhe ZaoBao. Schoolbags Should Not Exceed a Child’s Weight By 20%.
    The Chinese news daily again highlighted the need to limit the weight of schoolbags to no more than 20% of the student’s body weight.
  10. Shin Min Daily News.  Stacy Lewis’s Story On Scoliosis.
    The Chinese news daily shared a story of Stacy Lewis, a professional golfer who recently won the LGPA championship. The story revealed her experience in dealing with scoliosis, including her journey through bracing and surgery.
  11. Shin Min Daily News. Wrong Sitting Postures Could Cause Spinal Conditions.
    This article in Shin Min Daily news revealed that prolonged sitting can lead to wear and tear of the disc, leading to a higher chance of disc herniation. Initial treatment may consist of physiotherapy, acupuncture, and medications. There is an option to perform microscopic removal of the disc if pain persists, with reliably good results.
  12. Shin Min Daily News. Scoliosis is 8 times More prevalent in Women Than Men.
    This article was featured in Shin Min Daily news highlighting the prevalence of scoliosis in women. The low compliance rates among the patients prescribed bracing were mentioned, with the option of using a more comfortable Spinecor back brace offering an attractive alternative.
  13. Hati Hati Sakit Pinggang
    This article published in Bahasa Indonesia was sharing with the readers on the common back conditions, as well as the available treatment options. Various back surgical treatment methods including nucleoplasty, dynamic stabilization, and artificial replacement were shared.
  14.  29 March 2013
    This article is about the experience of a teenage girl on her scoliosis. The article also describes the various types of scoliosis, as well as the fact that girls are 8 times more likely to get scoliosis as compared to boys.
  15. Shin Min Daily News.
    This Chinese article shares the experience of a man who was suffering from back pain for one year. Expert opinion on the possible diagnosis and the available investigations was sought from Dr Hee Hwan Tak .
  16. ZaoBao NOW INDD
    This article in Chinese daily reported on the various ways of managing spinal stenosis, from conservative to surgical means.

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