Dr Tay Guan Tzu: Web

Here are the web articles contributed by Dr Tay Guan Tzu.

  1. A Novel Percutaneous Modified Brostrom-Gould Technique for Lateral Ankle Instability Using the Lasso Technique. Dr Tay published his minimally invasive surgical technique for treating lateral ankle instability.
  2. Four Possible Conditions Affecting Your Child’s Movement – Health Plus published on 16 Apr 2020. Dr Tay contributed an article on how the four orthopaedic conditions, club foot, ankle instability, Blount’s disease and bow legs may be affecting your child’s movement.
  3. Common Childhood Fractures That Parents Should Know About – Health Plus published on 23 Apr 2020. Dr Tay Guan Tzu talks about the common childhood fractures and what can be done when such injuries occur.

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