Adj A/Prof Dr Hee Hwan Tak: Print (English)

As the Medical Director of Pinnacle Spine Scoliosis Centre, Adj A/Prof Dr Hee Hwan Tak is frequently interviewed by the media for his expert professional views on many orthopaedic spine issues.

Here are some of the featured articles in English publications.

  1. The New Paper. “Chef learning to walk after bike crash left him paralysed“. 25 Apr 2016
    Dr Hee Hwan Tak talks about the C3 and C4 spinal cord injury that celebrity chef Mr Muhammad Haikal Johari had suffered from.
  2. The Straits Times Mind Your Body. Can acupuncture relieve nerve compression. 3 May 2012
    Under Q & A in Mind Your Body, the role of acupuncture in relieving nerve compression was brought up. Dr Hee’s answer is that detailed evaluation including MRI is needed. Multi-modality treatment including physiotherapy and acupuncture should be started first, before considering nerve injection or even surgery.
  3. The Straits Times Mind Your Body. Numbness spread from thumb to index finger. 15 December 2011
    Under Q & A in Mind Your Body, one reader enquired about the numbness in his thumb and index fingers after martial arts practice. Dr Hee’s reply was a possible pinched nerve between the fifth and sixth cervical vertebrae, and he was advised to go for MRI evaluation.
  4. The Straits Times Emergency Procedures “followed” after mishap. 20 September 2011
    This article in Straits Times announced that Megazip ride was closed to the public after a mishap where a man fell and sustained a spinal fracture. The seriousness and prognosis of the spinal injury were highlighted.
  5. The Straits Times Mind Your Body. Neck pain from running. 25 August 2011
    Under Q & A in Mind Your Body, one reader enquired about neck pain occurring after running. Dr Hee’s advice given included getting a good pair of running shoes to absorb the impact, and early assessment by a spine specialist.
  6. The Straits Times Mind Your Body. Correcting a crooked spine. 26 January 2012
    Under Q & A in Mind Your Body, one reader enquired about scoliosis in a 19-year-old boy. Dr Hee’s advice was given regarding getting an x-ray assessment, and the role of back braces and physiotherapy were touched upon.
  7. The New Paper. Ending the pain. 29 September 2012
    A feature story in The New Paper about the experience of a middle-aged lady who endured pain and deformity of her back for several years before undergoing corrective back surgery. Background information about degenerative scoliosis was also given.
  8. The Straits Times Mind Your Body. Worried that Lack of Vitamin D Will Affect Bones?. 28 June 2012
    Under Q & A in Mind Your Body, advice was given as to how to maintain an adequate amount of vitamin D in our body.
  9. The Straits Times Article. 8 September 2011
    Doc Talk article on new ways of straightening out the spine. Emphasis was given on the increasing role of non-fusion procedures e.g. nucleoplasty, dynamic stabilization, and artificial discs in managing various low back conditions.
  10. Global Health and Travel
    This article in the Globalhealth and Travel magazine featured pertinent information on the various types of scoliosis, as well as the treatment available, including the types of scoliosis surgeries performed.
  11. The Straits Times Jockey dies after being trampled by racehorse.
    This story is featured in the home page of Straits Times and is a sad story of a jockey who dies after being trampled by a racehorse. Expert opinion was sought regarding the possible range of injuries after such injuries.
  12. The Business Times. Sleep with good support.
    This article was featured in the Business Times emphasizing the importance of a good and firm mattress to support our lower back while sleeping. It also shares with the readers the time to change mattress, as well as the common mistakes to avoid.
  13. Medical Tribune. Article on Page 32. December 2011
    This article in Medical Tribune was aimed at primary physicians managing spinal fractures. The article emphasizes the importance of careful patient assessment, including history taking and physical examination. Common pitfalls in managing spinal fractures were also touched upon.
  14. Asiaone. Singaporean banker becomes half paralyzed after neck massage.
    This article published in Asiaone brought the readers to the attention of a case who became half-paralyzed after neck massage. Expert opinion was sought regarding the dangers and pitfalls of an overzealous neck massage.
  15. Your Health. Can Scoliosis Happen in Adults?
    Under Q & A in Asiaone Your Health, a question was brought up regarding scoliosis in adults. Expert opinion was sought.

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