Patient Specific Instrumentation (PSI) for Knee Replacement

Most recently, a technique using Patient Specific Instrumentation (PSI) has been developed in an effort to improve accuracy and shorten the surgical time. MRI scans of the knee provide us with a 3-dimensional model which allows unique custom fitted positioning guides to be designed specifically for the particular patient’s knee replacement surgery. The customised guides fit perfectly onto the patient’s knee, giving rise to a quicker and accurate surgery. The other potential advantage is less blood loss due to fewer bone cuts.

Dr Kevin Lee was trained in Stanford University by Professor William Maloney on this technique and he performed National University Hospital’s first PSI case in 2010. He also performed Southeast Asia’s first bilateral PSI knee replacement procedure in 2011. Dr Lee delivered a talk “Customised Instrumentation For Knee Replacement” at Stanford University, the USA in February 2012 and has been interviewed multiple times about his experience with this knee replacement surgery technique.

Patient Specific Instrumentation PARTIAL KNEE REPLACEMENT
Pre-operative planning for Dr Lee’s PSI unicompartmental knee replacement patient


Patient Specific Instrumentation
Actual Customised Cutting Guides Fitting Perfectly Onto Patient’s Bone