TOPAZ Therapy (Minimally Invasive Radiofrequency Therapy For Tendon Problems)

About TOPAZ Therapy

TOPAZ is a quick, simple and minimally invasive medical technique now available for the treatment of chronic tendon problems. The TOPAZ MicroDebrider utilizes patented Coblation® technology, designed to specifically treat tendons and fascia. To date, over 5 million Coblation procedures have been performed. The TOPAZ technique has been associated with quick return to daily activities allowing for significant improvement in patient outcomes.

When Do We Use Topaz Treatment?

We use TOPAZ to treat chronic tendon problems that are refractory to conservative treatments such as physiotherapy, cortisone injections or RSWT (shockwave therapy). Such conditions include chronic tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, plantar fasciitis and heel pain and Achilles tendonitis.

How TOPAZ Therapy Works

Through a small incision, approximately and inch long, the TOPAZ MicroDebrider is applied on and around the tendon for half-second duration treatments placed a quarter inch apart to form a grid-like pattern. With every fourth application, the device is inserted deeper into the tendon – approximately a quarter inch in depth. Small amounts of tissue are removed as a light application of radiofrequency energy is guided into the tissue. This stimulates the body’s own repair response to promote healing at the site of treatment.

TOPAZ therapy

Advantages Of TOPAZ Treatment

TOPAZ therapy typically takes less than 20 minutes to administer. This can be done under local anaesthesia and light sedation and patients can go home about 1-2 hours after the procedure. TOPAZ provides patients with a minimally invasive alternative to surgical debridement and potentially allows for quick return to activities of daily living.

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